engagment session, anteprima matrimonio
Engagment Session

Why have an engagement session?

Have you ever had an engagement session?

Very simple, think you have never taken pictures with a professional photographer, being filmed by a lens and above all by an unknown person is not exactly easy and learning all this on the wedding day is not really. the ideal choice. So why do an engagment session? This photo session allows you to connect with the photographer. This is a fundamental aspect to be able to have beautiful photos and have fun. In portrait and couple photography a relationship is established between people which is the basis of the whole photo shoot, if there was no relationship between the photographer and the subjects, your photos will certainly leave you not only a bad memory but will be a bad photographic product. If the subjects are not at ease, the photos speak for themselves, indeed they show without saying anything.


Does the camera or the photographer matter more?

Often one is led to think that the only difference between a professional photographer and an amateur photographer both just the photographic equipment. There is nothing more wrong, who actually selects and fragments time, and then chooses the magic moment in which to click is the photographer. Art studies protracted for years, sensitivity and glance are instinctive in a professional photographer who not only seizes the moment but exploits all the baggage he has as aesthetic sense and technical knowledge.

And how do we have fun?

The easiest way is to plan the location with the photographer and he will take care of the rest. He will show you the best time to shoot, the most interesting corners of the location and set up spontaneous situations. Playing with your partner is also part of the photo session. So free rein to your personality and your way of being joyful. To show yourself you must have confidence with the photographer who is always available to meet new people, make common decisions and entertain couples during photo shoots

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What about location?

Usually the choice is given by the couple, choosing a place that has meaning is the best choice. But if you are facing a Destination Wedding, the photographer will show you the right places for your session, always according to your tastes.

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My Happy Wedding was born from an idea of ​​Raffaele Inglese, a Gucci photographer with 10 years of experience in the world of Wedding. The style adopted stems from the meeting point between the client and the photographer and from a continuous aesthetic and artistic research.