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The Pope does not Bless Gay unions, even stable

Pope’s Historic Breakthrough on Gay Civil Unions

In a note released by the Vatican press office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith responds negatively to the unions of persons of the same sex.

The answer comes from the Vatican press office and it is clear. Let us remember that a few months ago there was an opening by the Holy See with regard to civil unions. To refute the historic opening is the note issued by the Vatican press office which responds in a negative manner despite the fact that in some ecclesial areas projects and proposals for the blessing of people of the same sex are being vilified. These projects are motivated by a sincere willingness to welcome and accompany homosexual people – reads the note – to whom they propose paths of growth in faith.

The note arrive a few months later after the opening on gay civil unions

A few months ago there was the Pope on gay civil unions, when in the documentary dedicated to him, shot by Evgeny Afineevsky, he declared that homosexual people should be protected by marriage laws. Homosexual people have a right to be in a family, and he says, what we need to create is a law on civil unions.

Denial, the blessing of gay unions is not lawful

According to the comunication note it is not lawful to bless relationships that imply \”sexual relations\” outside marriage and therefore not dictated to the generation of a new life. Therefore the blessing of homosexual unions cannot be considered lawful as it would be like imitating the nuptial blessing between man and woman. The note does not want to be discriminatory but stresses that blessings are only possible on liturgical rites. Civil unions are not considered a sacrament as understood by the Catholic Church. Read the difference between marriage and civil union (in Italy)


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The Pope does not Bless Gay unions, even stable

Is possible to bless individual people

The published note continues, Pope Francis was informed and gave his assent, not excluding the possibility of blessing individual homosexual persons who intend to live fidelity to the Church, and adds, any form of blessing recognizing their unions is illegal for the Church.

The Church cannot bless sin

The Church recalls that God does not stop blessing his believers but does not bless sin. God bless the sinful man only if he recognize that he is part of God\’s plan of love. For these reasons the Church has declared illegal the blessing of Gay civil unions.

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