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Are you planning to get married in Italy? 6 things about civil union in Italy

6 things you didn’t know about civil unions

Many of you may have wondered about civil unions and some legal issues that should not be overlooked. In fact, in Italy the law on civil unions was passed only in May 2016 and it is still not clear to many how the legislation moves in this direction.


Differences between civil union, marriage and cohabitation

Art. 29 of the Constitution defines marriage as an \”ordained order on the moral and juridical equality of spouses\”. Marriage is only allowed between people of opposite sex. Civil union is not a marriage, it is considered a \”specific social formation\” composed of persons of the same sex. The cohabitation is formed by two persons of majority united permanently by emotional ties, mutual moral and material assistance not bound by relations of kinship, marriage, civil union etc…

Duty of loyalty

I know, I know, it’s a tricky subject, but for civil unions, there’s no obligation to be loyal, unlike marriage.

What about the Pope and gay civil union?

Pope Francis  gave his assent, not excluding the possibility of blessing individual homosexual persons who intend to live fidelity to the Church, and adds, any form of blessing recognizing their unions is illegal for the Church. READ MORE… (just click)


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Are you planning to get married in Italy? 6 things about civil union in Italy


The marriage rite provides a precise formula with pre-established steps, one of these are the publications.For civil union unlike marriage there are no publications so there can not even be the opposition planned for marriage.

Divorce and separation

Let’s face it, not every doughnut comes out with a hole, and it can happen to everyone to see blows. For married couples who are civilly united, unlike married couples, they will not have to respect the separation period, but they will have direct access to divorce.

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