10 oggetti utili per lo sposo

Emergency Kit for the Groom!

10 useful items for the groom

We’ll just talk about the 10 useful items on the wedding day for the groom. Usually the groom is literally overwhelmed by the preparations that omits the little things that may be useful on the wedding day. Especially for careless boys it is useful to have a survival kit to remedy small \”accidents\” that may happen during the day.

Here are 10 items that can save the groom and his witnesses

Beware of the stain

Beware of the stain It’s a classic, you get hungry at the restaurant and at the first bite you can dirty your dress, in a nutshell in all the photos and all the guests will notice the unpleasant accident, not to mention the bride who cares so much about the groom’s outfit. Having a wipe in the inside pocket of the jacket is the best solution. Remember, the trick is to test the wipe at a small point and then proceed. Use the wipe as soon as possible to prevent the stain from drying out.

Needle and wire

Do you know the sewing kits provided in the hotels? Those that seem useless? Well! Now you will find them useful. Even fancy, fancy clothes like your tuxedo can have unstitched threads and blown buttons, and what if it happens right before you get to the altar? Having a house in the car’s dashboard is an excellent solution to such inconveniences.


Handmade leather album

Despite the COVID crisis we are working to finalize the photo shoots with handmade design objects following the taste of customers. It is important for us to finalize our products with handmade products with the best raw materials.

Assign tasks to not forget

We know how it goes, after taking pictures come friends at home and between a glass and the other we forget the small important things that we remember only when we need it, from deodorant to the shoes or gel for the hair. It is good to assign the task of remembering it to some of the guests so that we can be relaxed that everything is with us.

Fluff!! Aiuto!

There’s nothing uglier than the dark suit with the white fluff attached to it. As long as some of your relatives come up for wishes and leave you some glitter or lint. Put an adhesive roller in the Beaty case to avoid such inconveniences.

Stay cool

The dark dress, the sun, the pressure. A lot of things can make the bride and groom sweat before the ceremony. Especially if you have planned your wedding a warm time. An extra deodorant is a good solution to keep away bad smells and sweat spots on the day of your wedding.

emergency kit for the groom

Useful and stylish

Whether it is cotton, linen or silk it is essential to have a clutch that is useful in moments of commotion or simply to dry your wet forehead with sweat. Every gentleman has a handkerchief in his tuxedo pocket just in case, maybe the bride is moved…

A mint

Preparing for \”You may kiss the bride\” as if it were your first kiss and a gesture that your bride will surely appreciate. Having a mint with you is very useful in many different situations. A drop in sugar, a moment of tension or just a desire for fresh air.

A polish and go

Best shown in photographs with shoes that shine like new. A shoeshine kit can save you from photo sessions in gardens or dusty situations. Using it before and after outdoor photos is a touch that your precise and impeccable style can not give up. Make sure you have the right products for your shoes, put them in the car.

I feel nauseous

Stress plays tricks on everyone, and you know when you have that heartburn that doesn’t make you enjoy the party? Having a medicine for the stomach or maybe for the allergy if we know to suffer from it is a small ace in the sleeves that allows us to enjoy the day and forget stress and allergies.

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