crisi organizzazione matrimonio covid
Wedding and Covid

Wedding plannig, stress, COVID and burnout

Organisational stress

You’re sitting in a pile of magazines, your tablet has as many articles about clothes, styles, cakes and so on. You feel like near crying, and you’re thinking it’s easier to have a night glow with your husband without even leaving a note for your relatives? In all this the new covid\’s rule do not help your choices…

If all this sounds familiar, you’re close to an organizational stress burnout.



But do not despair

The good news? Yes, there is one, first of all the awareness triggers a process of personal self-support and self-care, stop overdriving your brain. All this will turn into excitement  for planning your big day.

I’ll do it tomorrow

With a list of things to do longer than the shopping list you have done for your detox diet with added bio-cosmetic products for your skin, be careful not to procreate. Important appointments with suppliers, deciding places, supplies and other details can make you feel overwhelmed by an avalanche of things to do. The best solution is to divide large commitments so that they can be made smaller and more manageable. Delegating tasks to friends and family will help you a lot.



Handmade leather album

Despite the COVID crisis we are working to finalize the photo shoots with handmade design objects following the taste of customers. It is important for us to finalize our products with handmade products with the best raw materials.


Wedding plannig, stress, COVID and burnout

Constant indecision

When we are stressed our brains go into overdrive, they start to \”turn\” faster than normal trying to predict possible unforeseen events. This means that any decision, from the color of the enamel to deciding the seating seems to be impossible. It may seem counterproductive, but when you find yourself having a rethink on every possible option the best remedy is to take a break. Whether it’s a trip with friends, a weekend in the mountains or a nice hot bath, staying away from all the preparations gives you some time to breathe and make more sensible decisions in the future.

Key word: control

Unfortunately, being a stressed bride is a clear sign that you’re going into burnout. With hundreds of decisions to make, the pressure of wedding planning can transform even the most quiet and peaceful person but the control craze can easily turn you into a hysterical bride (bridezilla) or a \”werewolf\” groom. If these aspects seem familiar to you, now is the time to check yourself more to have a more truthful and lucid perspective of reality. Try to confront friends and family about your stress, they will help you keep your feet on the ground and avoid bad choices.

Don’t take it too personally

Are you still undecided and on the verge of a nervous breakdown? How much you are under pressure is easy to go over budget, make inappropriate choices and stress our friends. Planning a wedding is important, but when your well-being and relationships start to suffer for secondary choices like the color of the bridesmaids\’ dress or the appetizer dishes it’s time to focus on the important things. In this case communication is essential, sit down with your friends and family, talk to them about your doubts in a quiet way leaving out your concerns. In this way you outsource your doubts in a healthy way. Remember, planning a wedding should be something fun so do things your own way without feeling pressured.


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