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8 mistakes to avoid when choosing the album

8 mistakes to avoid when choosing the album

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find a quality album, with prints equal to a wedding standard. Many albums are passed off as leather albums with photographic prints, but it is easy to fall for a product that is not durable and not pleasant to the touch and sight.

How can we avoid mediocre albums?

Is it cardboard or wood?

We think of a book, in this case an album. There are bindings and bindings, the fact is that buying an album with a cardboard soul does not guarantee the duration suitable for our album and especially the solidity suitable to fully enjoy the photos of our wedding album. The wooden core of the cover gives us the right solidity for an album elegant, tasteful and solid. We will then talk about the finishes with various materials

Initials, engravings and cover prints

Choose them according to your taste, even the print on leather makes its shape if printed with the right colors so that it is elegant and legible some manufacturers use adhesive letters. Well avoid them, they won’t last long and will end up ruining your cover.


Handmade leather album

Despite the COVID crisis we are working to finalize the photo shoots with handmade design objects following the taste of customers. It is important for us to finalize our products with handmade products with the best raw materials.


Photo or offset printing?

The world of printing is constantly evolving, we have various types of prints such as offset, pigment and HD plotter able to print on a wide range of fine papers. Since the beginning, photos have been produced on sensitive photo materials without the use of inks. We have photographs that have lasted over 200 thanks to the principle of photosensitive materials. Why this reasoning? Simple, the best way to ensure the durability of a photograph is to use chemical photographic printing. It is the only one to guarantee a durability even if exposed to sunlight. Silver salts are indestructible! Avoid offset or inkjet prints for your albums, these types of prints are used for other types of photography. For photography dedicated to memories it is good to use photographic printing.
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Leather, fabric or plastics

An old saying says not to judge a book by its cover, well in this case we will judge the cover of our album. We have a wide choice of materials for our albums, there is to indulge but they are always quality materials? The answer is no! Be wary of eco-leather and other synthetic materials that attempt to emulate natural materials. At best they will be unpleasant to the touch and emit an unpleasant smell in the worst case after several openings will start to crack, and we do not want this. Leather and heavy leather for durability and pleasure to the touch are the most recommended. They do not emit bad smells and give the right elegance. The fabrics are not to be discarded completely, but there is to keep in mind that they are not waterproof.
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FLAT creasing or not?

In jargon, the printing applied on the block is called digital printing because it is possible to layout your layout without limits. In the central part between the two sheets is made a crease, to understand a fold to allow the photographic paper to adapt to the closure of the sheets. The top-of-the-range models have flat creasing that allows you to have a flat sheet (intended as two pages) that allows you to read without \”steps\” of our images. Avoid albums that have an uncertain crease or with unevenness between the sheets. Image each sheet as a poster to appreciate.
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The details that make the difference

When a product is made by hand you notice it in the details and assembly between the various pieces that make up the cover. Even the less attentive eye perceives the elegance of a hand-crafted album with attention to detail. Industrial and mass-produced products often have small burrs that, on the whole, give us the idea of an unpleasant product and not up to the standards of our prints.

The parental copies

The photo shoots printed to perfection provide that copies for parents are printed with the same materials as the main album, obviously in a different format. Having an album kit with different materials qualitatively speaking is not the best you can ask for in a wedding service

Big and cheap or smaller at the right price?

Between a large format of poor quality and an average format of excellent workmanship it is preferable to opt for the second. Having an album of a little smaller but canonically bound and printed on photographic paper with silver salts allows you to better appreciate the experience of browsing a quality album that also involves other senses in addition to sight. Having prints with the right tones, whether they are in color or black and white means having a visual experience that our eyes will like while keeping vivid memories in our minds. Who would want to remember with the faded colors no?

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